Friday, April 3, 2009

New Food Network Show Debuting

I saw a preview tonight of a new Food Network Show that is debuting tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9:30. It is called "Five Ingredient Fix." That's right, apparently all the meals contain only 5 ingredients. Sounds exactly like a show A Modern Housewife could benefit from. I can't imagine a recipe with only five ingredients being very difficult or taking that long to prepare. I plan on watching and I'll let you know what I think. I don't know much about the host, Claire Robinson, but in my experience with Food Network the chances of a new host being annoying is about 50/50.

Here is how the website describes the show:
"In her new daytime cooking series, 5 Ingredient Fix, host Claire Robinson proves delicious dishes only need five ingredients or fewer to make cooking easier, faster and down right irresistible. Claire shows viewers how to enhance the natural flavors of carefully-selected, fresh ingredients to illustrate her belief that each ingredient should truly stand out in a recipe. With eclectic and elegant menus perfect for every occasion, her straightforward cooking style promotes healthy, seasonal eating as well as stress-free shopping. Claire minimizes fuss and maximizes taste to achieve mouth-watering meals in no time!"

Sounds good to me.

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