Friday, April 3, 2009

A Publix Grievance to Air

So, I went to the store this evening to pick up some fresh chorizo to make this chorizo and chickpea dish for dinner. I run up to Publix on a mission to find this one ingredient quickly (the only one I needed) and get the hell out of there.

My first mistake was going during 6:00 traffic when all the idiots are out on the road. My second mistake was going when I was hungry. (I'm not a pleasant person when my blood sugar is low.) My third mistake was going to Publix, since clearly they suck because they don't carry what I needed. All they had was ONE type of chorizo that is already smoked. I needed fresh, uncooked chorizo for this dish. I knew I should have gone to the Sweetbay that I know carries it. I just figured Publix would have it. And I figured they would have more to offer than just one kind. Wrong! Apparently, people in Carrollwood don't cook with chorizo.

On the verge of cutting a biatch and not wanting to go to another grocery store that would be out of my way, sending me back on the road with the crazy drivers, I decided to pick up dinner from Jasmine Thai, which is located in the same plaza that I was already at. So, I get my dinner, drive back home, eat my delicious dinner, my blood sugar goes back up, I calm down, and no biatch got cut in the process. All in all I would say it was a successful night. Thanks for letting me vent.

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