Thursday, June 25, 2009

GM Tampa Bay Hosts Sneak Preview of Transformers 2

I was so excited Tuesday night to be invited to a sneak preview of Transformers 2 sponsored by GM Tampa Bay. It was my first blogger perk and I brought my husband along for the ride. GM Tampa Bay is promoting the new movie along with the new Camaro, which is featured in the movie quite a bit (along with other GM models), since the lovable Bumble Bee is a Camaro.

In addition to screening the movie, they invited local bloggers to a meet and greet with the designer, Jeff Perkins, and they were giving people a chance to test drive a new Camaro. We didn't partake in the test drive, but the meet and greet was interesting. You could tell the designer loves his job and is very passionate about what he does and the GM brand. He has spent pretty much his entire career at GM.

The new Camaro is gorgeous and I was surprised by the great gas mileage you get. I believe they said 29 miles per gallon on the highway. That is better or on par with my little Beetle! Jeff also talked about the Volt, an electric car that GM is working on.

Now to the movie. It might not be the usual fare a modern housewife would go for, but the modern house-husbands out there will love it. The movie was actually very good, a little long, but packed with more action than the first. It still has romance mixed in and the parents in the movie totally crack me up.

Thanks GM Tampa Bay for the invite. I think all the community events you are hosting are wonderful and a great gesture of goodwill.

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