Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ham and Brie Panini

This is essentially a fancy ham and cheese sandwich, a totally delicious one. The combination of ingredients may sound bizarre, but trust me they totally work together. The saltiness of the blue cheese is a great complement to the creamy brie and sweet apricot preserves.

4 slices sourdough bread
ham steak, sliced thin
slices of brie
blue cheese crumbles, just a little bit
apricot preserves
olive oil, for drizzling on the bread before grilling

If the ham steak is a little thick, slice it in half lengthwise. Then place the ham steaks on a grill pan or in a skillet to warm through. On two of the slices of bread, drizzle with a little bit of olive oil. Flip the bread over. Place an even layer of sliced brie on the bread. On the other two slices of bread, spread an even layer of apricot preserves on each and the blue cheese crumbles. Remove the ham from the pan and place on top of the brie. Now take the slices of bread with the blue cheese and apricot preserves and place on top of the ham, face down of course. Drizzle the outside with olive oil and place on a preheated panini press or grill pan until golden brown on both sides.

Take my word for it, this is heaven on a plate.


  1. Yummy. As it turns out, I have some ham in the freezer, and my darling fiance will be here Wed before our next trip on Thursday. This sounds like the perfect lunch or dinner that day.

  2. Had these tonight. Unbelievably good. M. LOVED them.