Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Huge Savings at the Grocery Store This Week

So, I saved almost $40 at Publix this week! Very exciting. I have become a coupon clipper and I'm proud of it. I look through the ads every Sunday in the paper and clip coupons. And I gotta say there have been some really good ones lately.

A couple of tips: don't clip coupons for items you don't normally buy or won't really use. This will just cost you money because you wouldn't normally buy it. Also, I've heard to not use coupons right after you clip them. Wait a week or so because supposedly some vendors/manufacturers will raise the normal price right after they run a coupon to make up the difference. Just a thought.

Oh, and I didn't save $40 on coupons alone. I looked at what was buy-one-get-one-free and what products were on sale at Publix this week. I then created my meals around those sales. (My friend Jeanne is the master saver and she has taught me well. Needless to say, she was very proud of me this week.) Even though, I saved $40 this week I still spent well over a hundred dollars, but I must say I really did stock up on meats. Chicken cutlets and ground turkey were on sale, so I bought a couple of packages of each. Italian sausage, pork loin chops and tilapia were also on sale. I love when my freezer is packed and now I probably won't have to buy any meat next week.


  1. I was very proud of you!! I'm almost slightly coupon obsessed, I'd have to say. I clip everything, literally everything. Then I sort into two piles, ones I'll use and the extra I send to a military base overseas. They distribute them to the families on bases to be used on at the PX. Since those families can't get our coupons it is a great way to share the savings! And the PX will even take the expired coupons, so they can get all of the deals.

    One other tip on the coupons, there are some items that I only want a certain brand of - garbage bags, shampoo perhaps - we all have them, they are the brands that work best for us. But then there are other items - like disposable razors - where I really couldn't care less about what kind I get. So I clip them all, then I have the best coupon for whichever one is on sale at the time I need them!
    I'm not going to lie - when you can get a buy one get one deal and add a coupon on top - you just feel good! LOL

    Good job Laura!!!!

  2. I love when Publix has huge BOGO deals, it makes shopping so much easier and less expensive. That's why I go there and not other places.