Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paula Deen's Pumpkin Spiced Bars

Just in time for the Fall season. These pumpkin spiced bars are so good, more like a cake actually. You can always rely on Paula Deen for a good dessert and these certainly don't disappoint. I love the taste of pumpkin, but I have never been a huge pumpkin pie fan. I think it's the texture, but these bars are a great alternative for me. Plus, I love cream cheese frosting and this is the best you'll ever have.

I made these tonight for my husband to take to work for a bake sale. I'm hoping they'll be a big hit and sell out, raising money for a much needed family.

Check out the recipe on the Food Network web site:

I dare you to make these for Thanksgiving this year!


  1. Hi Laura! It's Kelly (Henry's co-worker)... These were awesome! I had to come get the recipe. These were one of the biggest hits at the bake sale. Thanks so much for making them!!

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I'm glad everyone enjoyed them. And I loved the dirt cake you made. I ate both of the ones Henry brought home. :)