Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Back

Sorry I have been M.I.A the past week. I have honestly been overwhelmed with my new dog, Lily. She is a very sweet, well-behaved girl, but I can tell she is also very sensitive. I have just been worried about her. I want to make sure she is happy and adjusting well. And to be honest, I have been adjusting, too. I have never really had a dog of my own, so I guess the responsibility has just been a little overwhelming. Not to mention I am a total worry wart anyway, so I have just been a bundle of nerves lately.

Things are getting better though. I am getting used to it and we are getting in a bit of routine. Luckily, my husband seems to be quite fond of her as well. He didn't really want a dog, but gave in to make me happy (I know, sweet). But he has been very patient with not only Lily, but more with me. He has been reassuring and really helpful. He even gave her a bath - solo - the other night when I was out at an event.

It's been only a little over a week and we've already had to attend our first vet appointment. I honestly didn't think we'd have to worry about that yet because she is an older dog and supposedly the breeder took her to the vet a couple days before sending her. But, I noticed she was really scratching and rubbing at her ear, and when we were over at my friend's house on Saturday we noticed her ears were really dirty, so we cleaned them. We thought she might have an infection, and boy did she! The vet let us look into her ears and they were filled with all kinds of crap; yeast and bacteria. So know were are flushing her ears out with cleaner, putting these other drops in and giving her oral medication. She already seems better though and she is very cooperative.

Anyway, with everything going on I haven't been cooking much, but I am getting back on track.

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  1. Dog parenting is always way more of a responsibility than people think, but I'm sure you're doing great and all three of you will be adjusted quickly! Poor baby, having that ear infection, glad she's feeling better already!