Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Ritz Crackers

A few days before Christmas I received a package from the fine people at Nabisco/Ritz. They have a new flavor of crackers - Brown Sugar Cinnamon - and they sent me a box to try out along with some recipes. I unfortunately didn't have time to plan a dish using them for any of my festivities, but I did try them out and shared with some friends. Overall consensus? Great!

I had my annual dinner party with friends the day I received the package so we opened them up and all tried them. Everyone really liked them. The crackers are sweet, but not too sweet, and not overly covered with cinnamon and sugar.

I also took them over to my parents on Christmas Day because I knew my sister was bringing over a wedge of brie and I thought the crackers would go great with my favorite cheese. I was right, a great combination.

Here is a link to one of the recipes Ritz sent me to try these crackers with - Raspberry Apple Danish Spread.

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