Monday, November 1, 2010

More New Gadgets

Having a Bed, Bath and Beyond three miles from house sounds like it would be pretty cool, but I really need to get these compulsive, before-dinner trips under control. This week I ran up there not once, but twice right before dinner to pick up items that I needed, or thought I needed, to make my dish.

The first trip was on Tuesday when I was making a cheesy corn souffle with poblano peppers and black beans. The recipe called for a shallow, 3-dish, which I wasn't sure what that was or if I had it. I have 1 and half quart dishes and 9x13 pans, but I didn't have anyting that said 3 quart. So I run up to BBB looking for this mysterious dish, which it turns out I already have. I didn't waste the trip, however. I left with a set of Pyrex glass storage bowls, which I have been wanting anyway. I am so sick of plastic storage containers that get all gross and warped in the microwave and dishwasher.
The second compulsive trip was on Saturday when I was making cream of broccoli and cheddar soup. It was the third time in about two weeks that I made a soup that needed to be blended. Usually I just transfer it to my food processor and blend in batches, but that is kind of pain, so I told my husband I wanted to go get an immersion blender and I got him to agree to buy. Score! I got this handy, dandy Cuisinart stick blender that is going to be very useful when I make marinara sauce, soups and even milkshakes or smoothies.

Even though these trips were spontaneous, they weren't wasteful. I got items that I have been wanting for awhile and will use over and over. Plus it's BBB so you know I had 20 percent off coupons that I used.

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